Best Android TV Boxes Review

1.Amazon Fire TV: Flexible, stable and easy to use.
Although Amazon Fire TV may not look like an Android device at first glance, it is better than the Google operating system under Amazon's custom interface. Because it runs on Android, you can easily install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV and load other apps you might like to run.

The older and inexpensive models of Amazon Fire TV are available at eBay and other retailers, but if you purchase from Amazon you get a 2017 model. The difference is the delicious charm of 4K video output in addition to price. It also has a faster processor and 2 GB of RAM to work smoothly.

2. Nvidia Shield TV (2017): Player selection

2015 Nvidia Shield TV was already the best Android TV device devoted around the best Android TV box on the market in terms of flexibility and functionality. Currently in the 2017 model, Nvidia continues to be more attractive by shrinking the size of the device, grouping it on the remote control, and updating the Bluetooth game controller. Once the king of the Android TV box was the only device worth watching if you want the maximum flexibility of games, streaming and Android.

Many of the new additions are also on the original Nvidia Shield TV software side, so please do not update if you already have one. It is still driven by the amazing Tegra X1 Mobile Chip - you can create a silky and smooth 4K video and play games like Gamecube and Wii (it is useful if you have an emulator). In the 2017 model microSD storage may have been deleted, but since it is currently running on Android 7 Nougat, you can connect an external USB 3 drive to operate as internal memory. problem.

Also announced that Nvidia will release the Remote Shield TV Shield bundle. It turns into a versatile Android TV box that allows you to stream 4K HDR from a game focused device.

3. Amazon Fire TV Stick: Although there is no problem but it is small

If you are looking for a decent Android TV box solution, the new Amazon Fire TV Stick is the best answer. By installing Kodi in this compact HDMI dongle that behaves like an Amazon Fire TV and connecting it to the back of the TV, you can send content without putting a black box under the display.

However, due to portability, functionality is sacrificed. Compared to Fire TV, the Fire TV Stick does not have extensible memory and only 1 GB of RAM. Even though it is still executable, it will be a bit complicated to make Kodi work reliably, but it is far cheaper and may take extra effort. Fire TV Stick is not broadcast on 4K, but 4K compatible flash drive is available in the US, but Alexa's support has been added to make Amazon's service search easier.

4. GEM Box: Pocket Cody Power

Emtech's GEM Box is perfect for people who wish to enjoy Android-equipped games on TV or to broadcast PC titles on a large screen. Having a compact and cheap Android TV box and streaming is also wonderful. As well as Aptoide, a substitute for Google Play, it also supports Kodi and its various builds, so you can easily install and access Kodi's content. The really disadvantage is the interface to complex applications, not all Android apps work well with GEM Box controllers. This can be easily solved if you want to spray 30 pounds on the optional remote control, but it should work.

Q-Box 4K: Convenient and feature-rich Kodi device

Although it is always difficult to recommend a relatively ambiguous producer's Android TV box, Tonbux Q-Box offers many features with reasonable price. Amazon, Nvidia, Emtech's build quality is not guaranteed, Q-Box provides up to 4K of content, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, optical audio output and compatibility with external storage.

For further simplicity, Q - Box is preloaded with Netflix, YouTube, Kodi. You can easily add new Kodi builds and you do not have to worry about Kodi's initial installation process. Not bad, really.
Best Android TV Boxes Review


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